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Website Projects

All the websites I build are responsive, semantic and standards-compliant. Technical and on-page SEO is built in from the start. I routinely use modern styling techniques like Flexbox and CSS Grid.

Best practices to optimize speed, security and accessibility are a matter of course. I always include scheduled backups on WordPress sites and configure several ‘hardening’ settings.

I also routinely setup Google Analytics on websites I build.

Cache Creek Conservancy

Screenshot of Cache Creek Conservancy website
  • Platform: Hybrid WordPress
  • Designer: Christine Golden

Custom WordPress site for a creek restoratation and conservancy non-profit

The Cache Creek Conservancy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1996. Their mission is to restore, preserve and protect the Cache Creek watershed, especially on former aggregate mining projects.

Their online presence has evolved with the times, staff skills and project types. When I walked into their offices and volunteered to help, we found their website was ready for the next stage. The new site reflects the level of scientific and environmental sophistication the Conservancy has acquired as well as the level and interest the creekside community desires.

Compass 82

Compass 82 website
  • Platform: Native WordPress
  • Designer: Mary Liz Tippin Moody

Custom, strategically planned WordPress site for a non-profit

Compass 82 needed a high-impact website to provide its disaster-recovery information and services, and to help with fund-raising.

Working with long-time colleague and project manager, Rita Berger, we ran a well-organized discovery process, followed by a creative design process with award-winning designer Mary Liz Tippin Moody.

I wrote a custom WordPress theme based on Mary Liz's Photoshop files. Blog pages were broken up by topics, and Integrations include Events and Donation functionality. I also provided DNS configuration for external emails.

Mary Liz Tippin Moody

Mary Liz Tippin Moody website
  • Platform: Native WordPress
  • Designer: Mary Liz Tippin Moody
  • Page Speed (Mobile): 76/100

Simple, native WordPress site for artist, illustrator and web designer

Mary Liz needed a Portfolio site that she could manage and own herself.

Based on verbal communication of design elements, I hand-coded a custom WordPress theme and deployed it to a high-quality Managed WordPress server.

Mary Liz Tippin Moody

Christine Golden is an accomplished, efficient and knowledgeable professional who guided and assisted me in presenting my art and design consultancy online in just the way I wanted. My site has already provided several leads to projects, lessons and art sales.

Mary Liz Tippin Moody, Independent Consultant, Creative Services • Illustration • Fine Art • Graphic Design

Jefferson County Economic Development

Jefferson County, Florida Economic Development website
  • Platform: Native WordPress
  • Designer: Mary Liz Tippin Moody
  • Page Speed (Mobile): 76/100

Custom, native WordPress site for government agency

While living in Florida, I built several sites for the local community. The website for the Economic Development division of Jefferson County is also a product of an extensive discovery process and collaboration with Tallahassee designer Mary Liz Tippin Moody (MLTM ).

I developed a site architecture that was two-tiered to provide for a multitude of target audiences. Some information is unique to the audience and some in common with all. The well-researched, scaled maps by MLTM are a highly-complimented feature.

All Realty Services

All Realty Services website
  • Platform: Native WordPress with IDX Broker
  • Designer: Brian K. Wyatt, B-EZ Graphix
  • Site Speed is dependent on the IDX Broker platform.

Custom-built WordPress real estate website

Using Bryan's Adobe XD files I built the responsive theme and integrated IDX Broker, an MLS data platform for the real estate industry. Unlike so many real estate sites, the presentation of IDX data was also highly customized to fit our original design.

Lynette Sirmon, Broker, All Realty Services

We needed our website to be up to date with modern times. I was happy with Christine’s services and satisfied. She handled all aspects of our requests and offered suggestions to help. Very professional. I felt like I could turn it over to Christine and she would handle my needs.

Lynette Sirmon, Broker Owner, All Realty Services


Angelpalooza Event website
  • Platform: Native WordPress
  • Designer: Heather Hecker
  • Page Speed (Mobile): 58/100

Custom, native WordPress site with WooCommerce for Online Events startup

Long-time colleague, Rita Berger has teamed up with designer, Heather Hecker to "Refine the virtual event experience." Angelpalooza is only one of the palooza events I've been able to provide websites and technical expertise for.

This originally crafted site includes customized WooCommerce pages, custom Gutenberg Blocks and page types built to support Google Events Structured Data.

Tiny Teeth of Tally

Tiny Teeth of Tally website
  • Platform: Static HTML
  • Designer: Christine Golden
  • Page Speed (Mobile): 87/100

Custom, static HTML/CSS website for pediatric dentist

Dr. Astrid Gonzales needed a website for her new practice in Tallahassee.

Although my experise is not in design, per se, this one came together quite nicely. Principles of good User Experience (UX) are always included in my project mangement, architecture and responsive coding.

You can see how much faster a static site is. If you are not going to be doing continuous updates, consider what's now an old-fasioned HTML website.

Golden Acres Ranch Florida

Golden Acres Ranch website
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Designer: Christine Golden
  • Page Speed (Mobile): 64/100

Custom, native WordPress site for family ranch

Where it all began. Back in 2008, my family asked me to help with the website... and the rest is history as far as my web developer vocation goes.

This is a mature site with a lot of content, frequent events and livestock and other product sales. We keep it simple with blog posts and PayPal.

The site receives an average of 2,000 visitors per month based on years of newsletters, blog posts, Google My Business, a Facebook page and my mother's local networking.