Is Anyone Coming to Your Website?

Google Analytics graphs showing 0 visitors, engagement and revenue

updated March 6, 2023

As a small, local business owner, the goal isn’t to get people to visit your website. The goal is to get people to come into your store, or call for an appointment.

A website is a marketing tool. So, getting people to your website is about making sure your marketing dollars are well spent.

How much are you spending to keep a website? After the initial setup, it could be as little as $25/month. That’s insignificant, right? Maybe you wonder what’s even the point of having a website. You only have one because “every business needs a website.”

You could be missing out on the high levels of efficiency and value that even a simple website can bring.

Chances are you’re relying on other avenues to bring in customers, like Facebook or Instagram. I’m proposing your marketing dollars could be better spent by making sure your Google Business Profile is properly set up and kept up to date.

Social media is for socializing, right? People can be turned off by too much selling. So, you or your staff spend time socializing and occasionally slipping in a request to call or come in.

It takes a lot of effort to understand and ‘work’ the social media algorithm. And maybe you or your staff aren’t really all that ‘social.’ It’s not a character flaw; it’s a matter of time and priorities.

In addition, lots of people – your potential customers – don’t even use Facebook products or want to make an account to learn about your business.

With the emphasis on social media marketing, it’s easy to forget that the point of a website for local businesses is to give Google searchers – people who are ‘ready’ to buy – a place to learn about your business before they call or come in.

Many local business owners don’t realize that they have a special advantage with Google. You can post specials, events and business updates directly on your Google Business Profile to increase your chances of showing up in Search results and on Google Maps.

Using your Google Business Profile makes the question, “Is anyone coming to my website?” worth getting an answer to. And it makes owning a website incredibly more worthwhile.

Marketing Package for Yolo County Businesses

I offer special rates to Yolo County businesses who want help taking full advantage of Google’s free, local marketing products.

One of the Yolo County Marketing Packages Include

  • A free Gmail account (for internal business use only)
  • Setup and optimize a Google Business Profile (GBP) using your own photos
  • Coaching & Tutorials on how to take and prepare photos, create successful posts on GBP and other local marketing tips.

Price: $360 $240

Contact me for a free, 1-hour consultation, and let me know you want the “Google Business Profile Package.”