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Marketing Mondays

How to use AirTable to be more consistent with your marketing.

Small business marketing, especially local marketing doesn’t have to be brilliant, with high-end, professional graphics and spellbinding copy.

But it can’t be haphazard or rote, either. The best solution is for local business marketing to be original and consistent. 

Is Anyone Coming to Your Website?

Google Analytics graphs showing 0 visitors, engagement and revenue

As a small, local business owner, the goal isn’t to get people to visit your website. The goal is to get people to come into your store, or call for an appointment.

A website is a marketing tool. So, getting people to your website is about making sure your marketing dollars are well spent.

Website Architecture: Multiple Target Audiences (A Case Study)

CCC Website 2022 Introduction & Preliminary Ideas for Design and Architecture

Good web design begins by asking the questions, “Who is it we want this website to serve?” and “How can we do that?” After studying the Conservancy for a bit, learning about its mandates, what it’s been doing and what it wants to do, I came to realize that there are about five major groups who would benefit from this website.

Upping My Web Accessibility Skills

Sketch of accessibility A11y keys on key racks

I’ve finally done something I’ve been meaning to do since I started coding 10 years ago. I listened to my website with a screen reader. Besides compassion, there are lots reasons to up one’s game in this aspect of frontend development.

Understanding WP Widgets

Illustration showing relationship of widgets between backend and frontend of WP

While working recently with a Client who was new to WordPress, I realized the words ‘widget’ and ‘plugin’ have different meanings inside and outside of WordPress. Outside of WP, developers use the word ‘widget’ to mean any ready-made code that you can add to your website. ‘Widgets’ in WordPress have a special meaning.