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Christine Golden
Frontend Web Developer

Since 2010 ~ Pacific US

Formerly a Classic WordPress developer, I am now retired from offering client work and focusing on side projects and writing.

Please feel free to scroll down and enjoy the apps I’m building or see if my articles answer some of your questions.

Skilled, Talented, Reliable, Responsible, Experienced, Always Learning

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Custom WP Theme Development (Classic)
  • Webflow
  • Digital Project Management
  • SAAS, Flexbox, CSS Grid
  • WP WooCommerce
  • Google Analytics/Data Studio
  • WordPress Training
  • HTML/CSS Tutoring
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • Technical & On Page SEO
  • Open Graph & Twitter Metatags
  • Apache Server Admin

Recent Work


Since 2010, I've been building native WordPress websites for small retail clients. The themes I build use the best standards of the day, are responsive, semantic, User- and Google-friendly.

Super Powers App

While practicing javascript fundamentals, one thing led to another and I made this lovely little web app.

Data Studio Template

All my website clients receive Google Analytics and Search Console set up along with a useful Data Studio report I created.

The Johari Window App

Another JavaScript beginner's app, this one is in CodePen.

Eight Questions ( You Might Not Know ) to Ask Your Web Developer

Cartoon illustrating how to strategically target links

Fresh, interesting and professional communications — with real people — are the cornerstone of marketing to loyal, long-term customers. Don’t let your website get in the way, or send the wrong signals by having hidden flaws. Ask if your website is as well-crafted on the inside as it is on the outside.


See an example of UX the Business Made Simple way

UX, the User's Experience with your website—your business—doesn't happen by chance. Professionals have been studying what people need when they are looking for a product or service online for decades. One of my own former websites uses the formula taught by Business Made Simple University.


Understanding WP Widgets

Illustration showing relationship of widgets between backend and frontend of WP

While working recently with a Client who was new to WordPress, I realized the words ‘widget’ and ‘plugin’ have different meanings inside and outside of WordPress. Outside of WP, developers use the word ‘widget’ to mean any ready-made code that you can add to your website. ‘Widgets’ in WordPress have a special meaning.

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About Christine Golden, Frontend Web Developer

Email: Phone: (850) 242-3747

I am a front-end web developer, experienced project manager, and team player. I use the best standards of the day to ensure my clients' websites are fast, searchable, secure and easy to use, whether on a desktop or mobile device.

Formerly CLGolden Website Services, I started offering my services to retail clients in 2010. Today, I am focused on providing well-crafted websites to agencies, designers and teams. The pandemic has afforded me with the time to learn JavaScript and to write about websites, coding and current affairs.

I'm what you might call a 'white hat' developer. I believe in the potential of the internet to bring knowledge and encouragement to the most isolated corners of humanity. I strive to make the web a better place with every project I work on.

Solving puzzles, bringing order, and watching bits of data turn into beauty and human usefulness are what give me a sense of accomplishment and purpose.