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High Performance Websites
for Successful Businesses

Please Customers

Generate Sales

Feel Secure

More of your customers are online now than ever before.

And they are ignoring everything except what will help them survive. How can you help them? How can you build a strong, clear signal above all the noise?

Here's the Plan

Step 1: Build a High Performance Website

What is a 'High Performance' Website?

  • Customers know what you're selling and how they can buy within seconds of arriving.
  • Your message is clear and 'strategic' so your customers don't get confused.
  • Google robots aren't blocked from showing your pages and images in search results.
  • Your web pages load quickly in mobile devices.
  • You or your staff can update the written copy and images without frustration.
  • Your site is harder for hackers to infiltrate than other small business websites.

Step 2: Include that Website in a High Performance Sales Funnel

What is a Sales Funnel? A sales funnel imitates the real-world rules of respectful, relationship building.

  • Invite someone to visit your website - from search results or social media.
  • Show and tell what you can offer and how that will help.
  • Give your new acquaintence a small gift and ask if you can keep in touch.
  • Nurture the relationship with small bits of news, knowledge and reminders of how you can help.
  • Ask for the sale, and check in with them on occasion so you'll be the one they think of when it's time to buy.


  • Very professional. I felt like I could turn it over to Christine and she would handle my needs.

    Lynette Sirmon, Broker Owner, All Realty Services

  • It is always a true pleasure and huge relief to work with Christine. She and her team just get it. Knowing that tasks can be handed over without having to explain every detail is a huge timesaver.

    Rita Berger, Media Marketing Consultant

  • Christine demonstrated good requirement definition skills and employed a rapid development/test strategy to produce a very useful site for us. She is visually oriented, recommends technical tools and makes useful pragmatic suggestions about how we can achieve our objectives.

    Phil Calandra, Citizen Member, Coordinator, Jefferson County Economic Development

  • Christine Golden is an accomplished, efficient and knowledgeable professional who guided and assisted me in presenting my art and design consultancy online in just the way I wanted. My site has already provided several leads to projects, lessons and art sales.

    Mary Liz Tippin Moody, Independent Consultant, Creative services • Illustration • Fine Art • Graphic Design

  • Our website was designed by our previous Executive Director. When he left the position, he took all of our passwords with him. All of the add-ons to our site started failing. The website completely failed on Labor Day weekend and CLGolden Website Services got us up and running over the weekend with a new site that was safe and secure so that we could continue to take orders for our first concert of the season with very little downtime. Couldn't have done it without them!

    Melanie Mays, Executive Director, The Artist Series of Tallahassee

  • We wanted a website to promote our new venture. CLGolden Webservices came and interviewed the owners & spent time at our facility getting to know us and the business. She then created our website. We were delighted with the outcome. Working with Christine was a pleasure. Communication was great. Emails were answered promptly.

    John & Jo Morris, Co-Owners, Morris Propane, LLC

  • "Christine, Thank you for all you have done for us. We had over 100 people here today. It was almost too much to handle. We actually had to close early."

    Scott Steele, Owner, Myrtle Creek Farm, Monticello FL

Trusted By...

Johnston's Meat Market, Monticello Florida

Your Silent Partner Accounting

FedNet Ethica Education

Tiny Teeth of Tally, Tallahassee, FL

Golden Acres Ranch Florida

The Artist Series - Outstanding Classical Ensembles & Soloists

Whether you need a new website or already have one, We can provide the essential services every successful website needs.

Call us at 1-850-242-3747 for a free consultation and estimate. OR send an email.

Call us at 1-850-242-3747 for a free consultation and estimate.
OR send an email.